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What is the difference between appointing a private sector transformation partner, entering into a transactional HR shared service with a local authority and commissioning a range of third sector organisations to deliver a set of care outcomes?

In our view the answer should be very little, at least in terms of getting a good deal. Irrespective of the partner or procurement route, you should expect to achieve accountability for outcomes, demonstrable value for money and a sensible transfer of risk within the relationship that is being formalised.  So these are uppermost in our minds whether we are advising on a complex procurement undertaken in accordance with EU procedures, a rapid supplier selection process, or the development of a public-public collaboration.

In all cases we have the financial and commercial skills to deliver a sustainable deal.

The value of our inputs lies not just in a cost effective initial procurement but also in a relationship that survives beyond the “honeymoon period” and requires minimal effort to govern.

We can help you with all aspects of procuring a deal including

  • Specification Writing
  • Shared Services Governance Agreements
  • Shortlisting / Prequalification
  • Price Performance Mechanisms
  • Competitive Dialogue/Negotiation
  • Final Business Case
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Financial Model Review
  • Commercial/Financial Close
  • Project Governance

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