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We’re ready to talk commercials with you…we challenge our clients and their partners to think differently about their relationship so it is only fair that we do the same.

your rates are low!

Yes they are.

Like Big 4 consulting firms we have an emphasis on quality, the skills and track record of our people being backed by strong assurance procedures and good professional indemnity cover.

Unlike Big 4 consulting firms, we don’t have to pay for a fountain in an atrium or a rooftop garden with a big screen TV in an office in the City. It’s your choice where you think the value lies.

your rates are high!


We aren’t as cheap as hiring interims or generalists. But our skill is in leveraging benefits out of your relationships and these tend to be much bigger than the any difference in the costs of our inputs.

Finding that extra percentage of value in a multi-million pound relationship pays for us many times over. We don’t believe anyone can beat us on a Return On Investment basis.

Do you work on
a risk reward basis?

We’re not scared of risk reward.

We are prepared to work under a range of commercial models and fee structures.  We will always be realistic about budgets and timetables.

What size jobs
do you do?

We work on projects of all sizes.

We have been engaged to undertake small pieces of work at short notice and also been appointed on contracts that have been subject to EU-wide competition.  We regularly advise on procurements worth in excess of £100m.  

How can we
appoint you?

Talk to us first.

No matter what tool you use to procure advisors, we can generally improve our offer to you after we have had chance to talk through your requirements.

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