Transformational Partnerships

Let’s be clear.  Build and run the right service delivery partnership in the right way and you can provide a better service to people and save millions. 

You can achieve your outcomes quicker – and with contractual guarantees that they will be delivered.  You can directly link incentivisation mechanisms to your corporate priorities and you can retain flexibility for the duration of your contract.

A strategic partnership must be about far more than outsourcing to be genuinely transformational.  It must be aligned with your customer/demand thinking, how you manage your supplier ecosystem and support the gathering of evidence for service development and commissioning as your overall model of delivery changes.

Our people have designed some of the most innovative partnerships in the UK public sector.  Whilst we utilise our experience of previous deals and start from some generally accepted commercials, each partnership is bespoked to the needs and circumstances of the client through an effective use of the competitive dialogue procedure.  In this way and irrespective of the model of delivery, we are generally able to improve the benefits reported between the outline and full business case stages. 

We understand the sector – we have good relationships with the leading BPO/ICT firms and know what they look for in a partnership – this enables us to structure our contracts in a way that keeps each partner incentivised for the full term.  We are also used to working with your project managers and appointed technical and legal advisors to find ways of reducing the time to benefits and cost of the procurement itself.  All of which allows you to get a return on our fees many times over.

We can help

  • Develop a strategic case for new/alternative service delivery models;
  • Market test and establish service portfolios
  • Prepare PQQ/ISOS/ISDS documentation and evaluation models
  • Lead, and/or provide commercial/financial support to competitive dialogues
  • Develop effective outcome-based performance management systems and key commercial terms
  • Project manage the procurement from start to finish including supporting the business cases through your governance processes

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